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At SPIDERMAN ROOFING we pride ourselves in being one of the leading Roofing Companies in Victoria, employing the best available talents to produce quality second to none.

We began back in the late 80’s . A family owned business dedicated to look after Melbourne roofs. a tradition of excellence passed on from father to son ensuring a heritage of pride in our workmanship and the most friendly service.

SPIDERMAN ROOFING represents quality at an affordable price. Don’t pay too much for it. Our in-house expertise ensures we deliver complete roofing care, from major re-roofing projects to minor roof repairs. Whether it is for tiled or metal roofs, restorations or repairs, SPIDERMAN ROOFING are the acknowledged experts.

Our qualified staff, are well versed in all aspects of roofing and provide quick and efficient service with a high standard of workmanship. Many of our customers come to us by personal recommendation so we ensure that we provide all our clients with consistently good, courteous service. No matter how big or small your project we are happy to provide you with a free quotation and no obligation advice.

Honesty and reliability is essential to our success and in turn rewards our clients with the efficiency and simplicity of a job well done.

After 25 years servicing our clients we can say with confidence that Spiderman Roofing is your best option for Roof Restorations and Roof Repairs.


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